HB 341 Amendment Proposal: Bringing Civility to Ohioís Towing Practices

After spending a sunny fall afternoon at a college football game, you head back to your car only to experience that sinking feeling when itís not in the parking spot you left it. Was it stolen? Lost to an unexpected tow? Panic sets in. Then you see itóan obscurely placed sign indicating that you parked in a potential tow-away zone. Sometimes the signage is hard to read or decipher, but itís well known to those whose business thrives upon your misfortune. And so your car hunt beginsĖTaking time, a significant amount of money, and wrecking your scheduled plans.
First and foremost, the overwhelming majority of Ohioís tow truck operators are honest and reputable, providing an important service to automobile owners. The towing industry helps keep our roads safe and traffic flowing, especially after a crash. Most are small business owners who are there to help when our vehicle breaks down or becomes inoperable following a crash. They are quick to provide a tire change or jump a dead battery. These scenarios are typically controlled by the vehicle owner and help immensely during some very stressful travel times.
What has been an issue for several years, plaguing Ohio vehicle owners, are deliberate and cruelly devised tows that are done for no other reason than to get into an unsuspecting driverís wallet. In some cases, towing charges are piled on beyond what is fair and reasonable.


Write your legislator and urge their immediate action to PROTECT OHIO CITIZENS AND stop towing abuse.

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January 14th, 2015

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January 29th, 2014

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